Your Own 3D Character, Easily!

Charactool lets you create 3D characters effortlessly.
Shape with a slider and download with a click!

🎥 At a glance feature

Quickly check it out through the video.

✨ Ready to use instantly

Start customizing as soon as you access.

🎨 Custom Design

Design your unique character without complex 3D software.

💸 Economical Choice

Get as many 3D characters as you want with a subscription,
instead of paying for one at a time.

🌍 Multilingual Support

Currently supporting English, Korean, and Japanese. Expansion to a wider world is planned!

🎮 Compatible with various creative tools

Use the rigged 3D characters directly in comic creation tools and game engines.

Download a sample 3D character

🎓 Helpful Tutorials

Master the use of 3D characters with our YouTube tutorial videos.

Register the FBX file as a character material in Clip Studio. More FAQs

Click here to begin!